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Dimpropyridaz: New BASF Insecticide from Pyrazolecarboxamide Class

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Dimpropyridaz is a Pyrazolecarboxamide Insecticide from BASF.

Dimpropyridaz is an Insecticide with an unknown mode of action. ISO common name is given on Dimpropyridaz in December 2018.



Dimpropyridaz chemically is a pyrazole carboxamide insecticide that has a pyridin-3-yl group, as in tyclopyrazoflor. Dimpropyridaz is effective against aphids. Dimpropyridaz mechanism of action is unknown.

BASF recently published PCT patent application covering Form B dimpropyridaz. Dimpropyridaz exhibits polymorphism, e.g. Form-A & Form B. The polymorphic form-A is prior art form, which can be obtained by following process disclosed in compound patent of dimpropyridaz as glassy melt, which contains the crystalline form A, e.g. WO 2012/143317.

Polymorphic Form-B of dimpropyridaz is more stable than polymorphic Form-A as per instant BASF patent application (WO2020144308).

Publication Number: WO/2020/144308

Applicants: BASF SE [DE]/[DE]

Publication Date: 16.07.2020

International Application No. PCT/EP2020/050493

International Filing Date: 10.01.2020

IPC: C07D 403/12 2006.01

Title: (EN) Crystalline Forms Of 1-(1,2-Dimethylpropyl)-N-Ethyl-5-Methyl-N-Pyridazin-4-Yl-Pyrazole-4-Carboxamide

Abstract: (EN) The present invention relates to a novel crystalline form of 1-(1,2-dimethylpropyl)- N-ethyl-5-methyl-N-pyridazin-4-yl-pyrazole-4-carboxamide recently assigned the common name dimpropyridaz. The invention also relates to the use of the crystalline form B for combating invertebrate pests and to formulations for plant protection which contain the crystalline form B of 1-(1,2-dimethylpropyl)-N-ethyl-5-methyl-N-pyridazin-4- yl-pyrazole-4-carboxamide. The crystalline form B according to the present invention can be identified by powder X-ray diffractometry on the basis of its powder X-ray diffraction diagram, hereinafter also termed powder X-ray diffraction pattern or PXRD pattern,of the polymorph form B recorded using Cu-Kα radiation (1.54178 Å) at 25°C displays the 3 following reflections, quoted as 2θ values: 20.69±0.10°, 24.15±0.10°and 30.52± 0.10°.In addition to these 3 reflections, the polymorph B of the present invention may display in such a PXRD pattern one or more, in particular at least 2, often at least 4, in particular at least 6 or at least 8 reflections and especially all of the reflections quoted hereinafter as 2θ values:7.99±0.10°, 10.07±0.10°, 12.38±0.10°,15.31±0.10°, 15.97±0.10°, 16.50±0.10°, 18.03±0.10°,19.29±0.10°, 20.22±.0.10°, 20.96± 0.10°, 23.40±0.10°, 23.70±0.10°,26.09±0.10°, 27.26±0.10°and 32.91±0.10°.


1. A crystalline form B of 1 -(1 ,2-dimethylpropyl)-N-ethyl-5-methyl-N-pyridazin-4-yl- pyrazole-4-carboxamide, which in an X-ray powder diffraction diagram at 25°C and Cu-Ka radiation displays the 3 following reflections, quoted as 20 values: 20.69 ± 0.10°, 24.15 ± 0.10° and 30.52 ± 0.10°.

Source: https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020144308&tab=PCTCLAIMS&_cid=P22-KCREU5-27749-1

 Indian Registration Status:

Dimpropyridaz Name of the Molecules is Included in the Schedule, India Insecticide Act, 1968 in 57th Central Insecticide Board meeting held on 15.11.2019.

Evaluation of bio-efficacy of BAS 550 011 (dimpropyridaz 120 SC) against whitefly and cotton jassid and aphid, its phytotoxicity and effect on natural enemies in Bt cotton going at Punjab Agricultural University, which is funded by BASF.

CAS RN. 1403615-77-9

Chemical Name: 1-[(1RS)-1,2-dimethylpropyl]-N-ethyl-5-methyl-N-pyridazin-4-yl-1H-pyrazole-4- carboxamide

Chemical Class: A pyridazine pyrazolecarboxamide compound

CAS No.: 1403615-77-9

Activity: An experimental insecticide

Formulation: Dimpropyridaz 120 SC

Compound Patent (Product Patent Family):

WO2012143317 (BASF SE, Germany); Est. Exp. 16 Apr, 2032; Equivalents: CA2830138; CN103492378; EP2699563; JP5937199; BR 112013024708; WO2013156318; IN 7605/CHENP/2013 (IN 318567); US9198422; US9439427; Novel pyrazole compounds as pesticides and their preparation.

Toxicity Studies:

Acute Oral LD50 for Rats >2000mg/kg

Acute Dermal LD50 for Rats >2000mg/kg

Inhalation LC50 for Rats (4H) –

Skin Irritant (Rabbit) - Nonirritant Eye Irritant

Mutagenicity - No data available

Respiratory or Skin Sensitization – N

Launching Information: BASF SE (Germany) yet-to-be registered insecticide in different countries and BASF is now initiating registration activities in Asia, EPA, and EU.

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