The 454th meeting of the Registration Committee (RC) deliberated on the technical indigenous manufacture, solo standalone application, and combination (Mixture).

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Indian Agrochemical Approvals_454th RC Meeting_CIBRC

The 454th meeting of the Registration Committee (RC) was held under the Chairmanship of Dr. P. K. Singh, Chairman, Registration Committee on 29.02.2024 at 10:15 hrs onwards in the chamber of Agriculture Commissioner, New Delhi Wherein Dr. J. P. Singh, Plant Protection Advisor, DPPQS, Faridabad; Dr. Gauri Shankar (Representative of Drug Controller General of India) New Delhi; Dr. Vandana Tripathi, Project Co-ordinator, MPRNL, Pusa, New Delhi; Dr. Rohit Mishra, Deputy Industrial Advisor, Ministry of Chemical and Petrochemical, New Delhi and Dr. Sanjay Arya, Secretary, CIB&RC attended the meeting.

Experts/Officers from the Secretariat of CIB&RC participated for assisting the RC were Dr. Vandana Seth JD (Chem.); Dr. K.L. Gurjar JD (PP); Sh. Hariom Miglani, Sr. LO; Sh. Govind Ram, Sr. AO; Dr. Sneha Potdar, DD (Chem.); Dr. Brijesh Tripathi, DD (Chem.); Dr. T. Sonai Rajan, AD (Ento); Sh. Durga Prasad, PPO (PP); Sh. A. D. Bhatt, PPO(Chem); Dr. S. K. Jain, Sr. Consultant (Medical Tox.); Dr. Rahish Ahmad Sr. Consultant (Medical Tox.); Dr. Sameya Anjum, Consultant (Medical Tox.) and Dr. Prabhakar Maurya, Consultant (Medical Tox.).

The Various cases were Discussed in following category for the companies including

2022 ES Discovery; Abci Agrochem; Achal Network; Acme Organics; Act Agro-Chem; ADAMA India; ADD VALUE AGENCIES; Addison Biological; Adhunik Fertichem; Advance Agrolife; Affle Agritech; Agr-Eh Technologies; Agrich Crop Science; Agrichem Industries; Agrichem Life Science; Agrico Organics; Agrilife Crop Protection; AGRISCOPE PRODUCTS LLP; Agrisia Agro; Agrisol (India); Agritech Biotechnology; Agriya Agro Tech; Agro Life Science Corporation; Agro Pack; Agrocel Industries; Agromaxx Industry; Agroson Chemicals And Fertilizers; Agrow Allied Venture; Agrow Allied Ventures; Agwheel Crop Sciences; Aimco Pesticides; Akash Laboratories; Akhil india; Allwin Industries; ALSC; AMAR BIO TECH; Ambachem Industries; Amber Crop Science; Ambey Laboratories; Amish Crop science; Ample Agrochem; Angel Crop Science; Annapurna Agro Chemicals; Anshul Agro Chemicals; Anu Products; APAR Industries; APL Crop Science; Arch Biotech; Aryadev Chemicals; Arysta LifeScience; ASIAN CHEMTECH; ATGC Biotech; Atul; Avn Agro Care; Ayurka International; B P Agrochemicals; B Pankaj kumar and Co.; Bajrang Rasayan; Balmer Lawrie & Co.; Baraka Crop Science; Baroda Agro Chemicals; Baroda Agrochemials; BASF India; Bayer Crop Science; Berrysun Agro Science; Best Agrolife; Best Crop Science; Betrust Industries; Bhagiradha Chemicals & Industries; Bharat Certis Agriscience; Bharat Crop Protection; Bharat Crop Science; Bharat Pesticides Industries; Bharat Rasayan; Bhaskar Agro Chemicals; Bheema Fine Chemicals; Bhm Agrizentic; Bhuvaneswari Pulverising Mills; Biofac Inputs; Biostadt India; BR Agrotech; BRL Crop Science; Buckman Laboratories; Cheminova India; Chemstar Crop Science; CNG Agrocare; Congrats Agropack; Coromandel Fertilizers And Chemicals; Coromandel International; Corteva Agriscience; corteva Crop India; Corum Cropsciences; Criyagen Agri & Biotech; Crop Care Organics LLP; Crop Care Pesticides; Crop Growth india; Crop Life Science; Crop Rise Agrochem; Cropnosys India; CROPSAFE PESTICIDES; Crystal Crop Protection; Curative Microbes; DCM Shriram; DCS Agro Care; Deccan Fine Chemicals; Dhana Crop Sciences; Dhanuka Agritech; Dharmaj Crop Guard; Dream Field Chemical; Drosera International; Eagle Plant Protect; Earth care Agritech; Ecosafe Management; Emmennar Pharma; Excel Industries; Excel Rasayan Export; Export Agro Industries; Fairo Corporation; Fil Industries; FMC; Ganesh Agri Care; Ganesh Bio Control System; Ganesh Chemical Industries; General Crop Science; Gharda Chemicals; Gita Agritech; Global Farm Solution; Globex Agri Science; Gnp Agrosciences; Godrej Agrovet; Godrej Consumer Product; Gowan india; Grauer & Weil (India); Green Agrevolution; Green Ever Crop Science; Green Growth Agro Industries; Greenvention Biotech; GSP Crop Science; Gujarat Life Sciences; Gujarat Pesticides; Hemani Industries; Heranba Industries; Heritage Organics; Hikal; Hindustan Agro Products; Hindustan Pesticides & Chemicals; Hindustan Rasayan; Hokko Crop Chemicals; Honour Lab; HPM Chemicals and Fertilizers; ICAR-Indian institute of Oilseeds; ICAR-National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources; Ichiban Crop Science; Idhyah Agri Crop Sciences; Ihi Cropscience; India Chemicals And Fertilizers; Indian Oil Corporation; Indichem; Indo Pacific Chemicals; Indochem Agrovet; Indofil Industries; Indogulf Crop Science; Indogulf Cropsciences; Indus Fine Chem; Innovative Agritech; Inora and Mahagrapes; Inora Biotech; Inpest; Insecticides India; Inter-globe Agrochemicals; J Green Bio Tech; JAGGO OVERSEAS; Jivagro; JU Agri Science; JU Agri Sciences; Jubilant Agro Sciences; Kaeros Research; Kansai Nerolac Paints; Karapur Agro; Kashmir Chemicals; Katra Fertilizers And Chemicals; King Chemicals; Kissan Agri Technology; Kohinoor Insecticide; KR Lifesciences; Krishi Crop Life Science; Krishi Rasayan Export; Krishi Rasayan Exports; Landcare Chemicals; Lanxess India; Leeds Life Science; Live Crop Science; Lucca Retail; M. B. Sales Corporation; M.J. Biotech Industries; Maa Bhagwati Biotech and Chemicals; Mahabir Bajrang Agro Chemical; Mahamaya Lifescience; Mahamaya Lifesciences; Maharashtra Insecticides; Malay Enterprise; Mass Crop Science; Maxgrow Biotech; Medhini Agritech; Meenakshi Agro Chemicals; Megha Agro Industries; Meghmani Crop Nutrition; Meghmani Industries; Meghmani Organics; MG ORGANICS; Micro Chemicals Co.; Mitsui Chemicals india; Modesto Crop Protection; Monoceros Crop science; Monsoon Agro Chemicals; Monsur Biotech; Moti Insecticides; NACL Industries; Nasham Crop Care; Natco Pharma; National Agriculture Co-operative Marketing Federation of; National Pesticides And Chemicals; Nexus Crop Science; Nichino india; Nippon Crop Science; NIYAM INDUSTRIES; Noblesse Agritech; Nova Agri Sciences; Nova Farmaid; Nufarm Agri Solutions; Omega Fine Chemicals; Omkar Agri Global; Orchid Agro Systems; Orcim Life Science; Orcim Life Sciences; Orcim Life Sciences Co; P I Industries; Paramount Organics; Parijat Industries; Parikh Enterprises; Penshibao Wang; Penta Pharma; Peptech Biosciences; Perfect Crop science; Perfect Solutions; Petro Star; PIDILITE INDUSTRIES; Popular Chemical Manufacturers and Supplies; Pragathi Bio Tech Solutions; Pral Agro Solutions; Premium Crop Science; Prikoya Agro; Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection; Punjab Pesticides Industries; Radar Agro Sciences; Rainbow Agrosciences; Rainbow Crop Health; Rallis; Ramcides Crop science; Ratnakar India; Ravi Crop Science; Ravi Organics; Richa Fertilizer And Chemicals; Royal Agro Tech Co; Royel Krishi Rasayan; Ruchi Oyster Mushroom; S.D. AGRO CHEMICALS; SACPL Agro Chemicals; Sadar Biotech; Safex Chemicals; Saga Chemie; Saga Pesticide; Sahib Pesticides; Sai Corporation; Sai Crop Science; Sai Ram Agritech; Salvi Chemical Industries; Samradhi Crop Chemicals; Sandhya Organic Chemicals; Saraswati Agro Chemicals; Saraswati Agro Chemicals (India); Sarbi Petroleum & Chemicals; Sarvava Agritek; Savitri Agrolife; See Ciba Crop Science; Seedling India; Seedlings india; Sentop Agro Industries; Setu india; Shalvis Specialities; Shanmukha Agritec; Sharda Cropchem; Shasvat Crop Science; Shield Lifesciences And Resins; Shimanzu Chemicals; Shivalik Crop Sciences; Shobika Impex; Shogun Organics; Shreeyansh Labs; Shreya Enterprises; Shri Ganesh Insecticides; Shri ram solvent Extraction; Shriram Agro Chemicals; Shufalam Crop Science; Sinopac Crop Science; SML; SMR Agro Nutrients; Special Biochem; Spectrum Ethers; Srikar Biotech; Standard Pesticides; Startek Chemicals; Stelmor Industries; Sudarshan Farm Chemicals; Sujag Fine Chemicals; Sulphur Crop Care; Sumil Chemical Industries; Sumisho Agro; Sumitomo Chemical India; Sumitomo Chemicals; Super Chemferts; Surya Agro Chemicals; Swal Corporation; Sydney Formulation And Chemicals; Symbiotics Biologicals; Symon Agro Industries; Syngenta Biosciences; Syngenta India; T Stanes and Company; Tagros Chemicals; Tainwala Personal Care Products; Target Agro Chemical; Thakar Chemicals; THE SCIENTIFIC FERTILISER COMPANY; Thor Chemical; Thor Chemicals; Thor Chemicals india; Total Petroleum india; Tricom Agro; Tropical Agrosystems; Tulipcrop; Ujjawala Chemical And Fertilizers; Uk Crop Sciences; Ulink AgriTech; Ultima Search; United Chemicals; United Insecticides; Universal Agro Chemical; Universal Bio-Con; UPL; UPL Sustainable Agri Solutions; Usk Agro Sciences; V Pro Pest Solution; Vinsent Crop Science Chemical; Vital Chemtech; Viyoni Agro Chemicals; VKA Polymer; VMK Agrochemicals; VSD INDUSTRIES; Welpack Agro Industries; Willowood Chemicals; YASHNEE AGROCHEMICALS;

  • Provisional registration 9(3b)
  • 9(3)Technical Indigenous Manufacture (TIM)
  • 9(3)Formulation Indigenous Manufacture (FIM)
  • 9(3)Indigenous Biopesticide Manufacture
  • 9(3)Export
  • 9(3)Technical Import (TI)
  • Bio-Pesticides,
  • Formulation Indigenous Manufacture VS Formulation Import Technical (FIM vs FIT)
  • Formulation Indigenous Manufacture (FIM)
  • Technical Import (TI)
  • Formulation Import (FI)

Under Section 9(4) following cases were Discussed:

  • 9(4)TI
  • 9(4)TIM
  • 9(4)FIM

For detailed information and access to full classified information on the 454th RC Meeting and their cases under 9(3), 9(4), Endorsement, and Miscellaneous cases,

Product View: Advanced Search for combination Agrochemical – Tracking; Visit Indian Pesticide Database (IPD)

ChemRobotics - Indian Pesticide Database (IPD) Product View

ChemRobotics – Indian Pesticide Database (IPD) Product View

Table View: Advanced Search for combination Agrochemical – Tracking; Visit Indian Pesticide Database (IPD)

ChemRobotics - Indian Pesticide Database (IPD) Tabel View

ChemRobotics – Indian Pesticide Database (IPD) Tabel View

Table View: RC Meeting wise Tracking; Visit Indian Pesticide Database (IPD)


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