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New ISO Published – Spidoxamat (Plenexos): The Next Generation Ketoenol Insecticide

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New ISO Published - Spidoxamat (Trade Name: Plenexos): The Next Generation Ketoenol Insecticide.

First Launches Expected in 2024;  > €300m Peak Sales Potential.  Spidoxamat is a first keto-enol insecticide expected to offer both foliar and soil uses.

Basic Information of Spidoxamat : 

  • CAS RN. : 907187-07-9
  • ACTIVITY: Insecticides (tetramic acid insecticides)
  • Mechanism of Action (MOA): Inhibitors of acetyl CoA carboxylase
  • Innovators: Bayer AG
  • Other Tetramic Acid Insecticides: Spidoxamat, Spiropidion, Spirotetramat.

Plenexos will enhance ketoenol insecticides by offering:

  • High plant mobility, which ensures high efficacy against key sucking pests (aphids, white flies) at low dose rates for foliar and soil uses
  • Will feature a broad crop scope, as the ketoenol Spidoxamat2 is suitable for application in arable and horticulture crops (soybeans, cotton, fruits and vegetables)
  • Regulatory submissions in key markets planned in 2022, approvals expected starting in 2024
Targeted markets: LATAM, NA, APAC and TAMECIS

IP Scenario: 

Compound / Product Patent Details:

1. DE102005008021 (BAYER CROPSCIENCE AG); Est. Exp. Feb 08, 2026;

Title: Spiroketal-substituted cyclic ketoenols.


AR053815A1; AU2006218154A1; AU2006218154B2; BRPI0607807A2; BRPI0607807B1; CA2597777A1; CA2597777C; CN101160049A; CN101160049B; CN101863873A; CN101885700A; CN101885719A; CN103755716A; DE102005008021A1; DK1855529T3; EA012785B1; EA200701772A1; EP1855529A2; EP1855529B1; ES2446240T3; IL185253A; JP2008531486A; JP5095419B2; KR101351261B1; KR20070106554A; MA29324B1; MX2007010111A; MY163974A; TW200640367A; TW201336415A; TWI389640B; TWI475955B; UA88949C2; US2008305955A1; US2011190493A1; US7897543B2; WO2006089633A2; WO2006089633A3; ZA200706980B.


The invention relates to novel spiroketal-substituted cyclic ketoenols of the formula (I) in which A, B, Q1, Q2, D, G, W, X, Y, and Z are as defined above, to processes and intermediates for their preparation and to their use as pesticides and/or microbicides and/or herbicides. Moreover, the invention relates to selective herbicidal compositions comprising, firstly, spiroketal-substituted cyclic ketoenols and, secondly, a crop plant compatibility-improving compound.

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