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New ISO Published – Anisiflupurin-New Candidate by Syngenta Crop Protection AG.

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Anisiflupurin is a 6-anilinopurine derivative, which inhibits cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase and possesses plant growth regulators activity. Anisiflupurin has a selectivity efficiency index in the inhibition of cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase, i.e., that are less toxic yet more efficacious than the other known analogs.


  • STATUS: ISO 1750 (provisionally approved)
  • IUPAC NAME: 2-fluoro-N-(3-methoxyphenyl)-9H-purin-6-amine
  • CAS RN..: 1089014-47-0
  • ACTIVITY: plant growth regulators (cytokinins)
  • Innovator: Syngenta
  • Mechanism of Action (MoA): Cytokinin oxidase/Dehydrogenase

IP Scenario:

1. WO2009003428A1 (Dolezal Karel ; Frebortova Jitka ; Galuszka Petr ; Gemrotova Marketa ; Schmulling Thomas [De]; Spichal Lukas ; Strnad Miroslav ; Univ Berlin Freie ; Univerzita Palackeho V Olomouc ; Werner Tomas; Zatloukal Marek; Est. Exp. July 02, 2028.

Title: Substituted 6-Anilinopurine Derivatives As Inhibitors of Cytokinin Oxidase/Dehydrogenase and Preparations Containing These Derivatives. 


AU2008271800A1; AU2008271800B2; BRPI0812865A2; BRPI0812865B1; CA2691625A1; CA2691625C; CZ2007453A3; CZ302225B6; DK2173173T3; EP2173173A2; EP2173173B1; ES2431926T3; JP2010531818A; JP5539866B2; NZ582642A; PL2173173T3; PT2173173E; US2010190806A1; US8222260B2; WO2009003428A2; WO2009003428A3.


The invention relates to substituted 6-anilinopurine derivatives of the general formula I, wherein R denotes one to five substituents independently selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, halogen, hydroxyl, amino, alkyloxy and alkyl group, and R2 denotes amino, halogen, nitro, thio, alkylthio or alkyl group for use as inhibitors of cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase. The invention also relates to the compositions containing these derivatives.

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