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2022 Updates – Two New ISO Pesticides Published – Broclozone – Isoxazolidinone Herbicide — Isoxazolidinone Herbicides || Ledprona – RNA Biopesticide — GreenLight Biosciences

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2022 Updates - Two New ISO Pesticides Published – Broclozone - Isoxazolidinone Herbicide -- Isoxazolidinone Herbicides Ledprona - RNA Biopesticide -- GreenLight Biosciences

2022 Updates – Two new ISO Pesticides Published – Broclozone – Isoxazolidinone Herbicide || Ledprona – RNA biopesticide – GreenLight Biosciences

Broclozone — (Isoxazolidinone Herbicides)

Broclozone is a new herbicide belonging to the isoxazolidinone chemical class. The other members of the isoxazolidinone herbicide class include Bixlozone and Clomazone.

Broclozone is covered in the Markush chemical structure disclosed in patent US4405357A on 1981-05-11 with a Priority of US15535380A.

The said patent also have family equivalents in various AR230982A1; AU5363286A; AU550450B2; AU574262B2; AU7088681A; BR8103484A; CA1171863A; CH656612A5; DE3121704A1; DE3121704C2; DE3153419C2; DK161516B; DK161516C; DK239181A; DOP1981004128A; ES8305188A1; ES8305189A1; ES8305190A1; FR2483406A1; FR2483406B1; GB2080289A; GB2080289B; HU198117B; IE51289B1; IE811126L; IL63000A; IT1194802B; IT8122077A1; JPS60155164A; JPS6132313B2; KR850003287A; KR850003288A; KR890003287B1; KR890003288B1; MX7035E; MY8700176A; NL189193B; NL189193C; NL350002I1; NL8102661A; PH17364A;

      • STATUS: ISO 1750 (Provisionally Approved)
      • IUPAC Name: 2-(2-bromo-4-chlorobenzyl)-4,4-dimethylisoxazolidin-3-one
      • CAS Name:     2-[(2-bromo-4-chlorophenyl)methyl]-4,4-dimethyl-3-isoxazolidinone
      • CAS RN.: 2766607-82-1
      • Molecular Formula:  C12H13BrClNO2
      • Activity / Indication:   Herbicides (isoxazolidinone)
      • INCHI:     InChI=1S/C12H13BrClNO2/c1-12(2)7-17-15(11(12)16)6-8-3-4-9(14)5-10(8)13/h3-5H,6-7H2,1-2H3  


Ledprona is developed by GreenLight Biosciences, USA. Ledprona is a sprayable double-stranded RNA biopesticide, assigned CAS RN. 2766607-82-1 with a new mode of action that triggers the RNA interference pathway. Ledprona, currently pending registration at EPA, represents a new biopesticide class integrated pest management and insecticide resistance management programs directed against CPB.

Ledprona, the active ingredient in GreenLight’s CalanthaTM product, is approved as a new mode of action in the recent winter meeting of IRAC, an international association of crop-protection companies that focuses on resistance management and sustainable agriculture.

The first foliar-applied, dsRNA-based bioinsecticide that provides effective control of CPB, CalanthaTM is expected to be registered in the United States this year. The Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) ravages plants like potatoes and eggplant and accounts for more than $500 million in annual crop loss worldwide.

For decades, insect resistance to pesticides has challenged growers. Using integrated pest management, which includes rotating insecticides, farmers and agronomists can prolong the useful lifespan of crop treatments. GreenLight’s product is designed to work well with standard growers’ programs to control first- and second-generation Colorado potato beetle infestations.

CalanthaTM has a unique mode of action among chemical and biological insecticides, which will provide farmers with a new tool aimed at protecting potato and eggplant fields from the Colorado potato beetle and supporting their efforts at resistance management.

Ledprona, expected to be classified as IRAC MoA group 35 (RNAi-mediated targeted suppressors), specifically targets only CPB, causing the beetle to stop eating and expire from the accumulation of its own metabolic waste. Because it is based on double-stranded ribonucleic acid, CalanthaTM degrades quickly in the environment, supports biodiversity, and is an example of the next generation of eco-friendly crop-protection products.

The Insecticide Resistance Action Committee helps growers around the world by developing mode-of-action classification schemes; identifying new technologies for insect, mite, and tick control products; and implementing insecticide resistance management strategies for crop protection, plant biotechnology, and public health.

About GreenLight Biosciences:

GreenLight Biosciences is a mission-driven public-benefit corporation using the power of RNA to tackle some of humanity’s greatest challenges, including pandemics, rare diseases, biodiversity, and climate change.

  • Website: http://www.GreenLightBiosciences.com
  • Industry: Biotechnology Research
  • Headquarters: Medford, MA
  • Founded: 2008

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