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AgbioInvestor Global Ties with ChemRobotics

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AgbioInvestor Global Ties with ChemRobotics

ChemRobotics   and AgbioInvestor are happy to announce the establishment of a new international partnership utilising the pharmacological intelligence platform of ChemRobotics.
AgbioInvestor will distribute and sell ChemRobotics’ global pharmaceutical platform, which includes the Technical Suppliers service, Technical Routes Database, Patent Intelligence Database, and Chemical Directory, under the terms of this agreement.
Users of the Pharma platform from ChemRobotics can examine technical and patent information on a variety of active medicinal compounds.

Fraser McDougall, senior partner at AgbioInvestor, commented “We are pleased to partner with ChemRobotics, a company with an excellent technical understanding of the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Both companies share a strong client-focused ethos underpinned by world class proprietary data, analysis and expertise”. Jack Hopper, senior partner at AgbioInvestor, adds “this partnership offers an excellent opportunity for professionals working within the pharmaceutical industry to access innovative data services on a global basis.”

Dr. Ritesh Agrawal, senior consultant at ChemRobotics, expressed “we are glad to partner with AgbioInvestor, a company with an unprecedented legacy in the agricultural sector, adding “this collaboration will provide access for a global audience to ChemRobotics for the development of innovative products & services. Ms. Deepti Singhal, director at ChemRobotics, added “this partnership has further extended the reach of ChemRobotics global pharmaceutical platform.”

About AgbioInvestor

Established in 2017, AgbioInvestor is the leading agricultural business intelligence company globally, providing expert commentary, analysis and data services covering basic chemicals, intermediates and active ingredients for the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

About ChemRobotics

ChemRobotics is the leading scientific database company, comprising services for pharmaceutical, veterinary, agrochemical, and fine chemical industries. ChemRobotics provides synthesis, patent, and regulatory updates for active ingredients and their intermediates on a global basis, as well as scientific and intellectual property data solutions in agricultural industries.

ChemRobotics “Technical Supplier” is a platform dedicated to agrochemical, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry, wherein more than 15000 active ingredients with their intermediates supplier information is provided.

ChemRobotics Pharma platform

ChemRobotics’ Pharma platform allows users to analyze technical and patent data for a wide number of active pharmaceutical ingredients.  ChemRobotics team looking forward to getting access global audience to ChemRobotics for the development of innovative products & services.

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