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Idexx Labs enables improved cancer diagnosis and personalized care through expanded oncology offering

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Idexx Laboratories, Inc., a global leader in pet healthcare innovation, announced the expansion of its reference laboratory menu of tests and services that will enable veterinarians to better meet the challenges of diagnosing and treating cancer.

Building on its expertise in cancer pathology, Idexx continues to expand what’s possible to enhance the lives of pets by providing veterinarians with comprehensive cancer diagnostics and support services.

Idexx Labs enables improved cancer diagnosis and personalized care through expanded oncology offering

“Idexx understands the challenges that veterinarians are experiencing when it comes to diagnosing, staging, and treating cancer,” said Jay Mazelsky, Idexx president and chief executive officer. “As veterinarians strive to advance the standard of care for their patients, we continue to support them through innovations like accessible genomic cancer diagnostic tests and services.”

The extended menu, which will be available later this month to customers of Idexx Reference Laboratories in the United States and Canada, includes: A liquid biopsy test that utilizes next-generation DNA sequencing technology to aid in diagnosing the most common canine cancers: lymphoma, hemangiosarcoma, and osteosarcoma; A diagnostic panel for biopsy tissues that is used to identify genetic mutations in canines, assisting in therapy selection and personalized treatment options; Newly designed diagnostic profiles to support cancer therapy management and monitoring.

Idexx’s expanded oncology offering addresses the needs of a growing pet population and the increasing demand on veterinarians to diagnose and treat cancer. In the US alone, roughly 6 million new cancer diagnoses are made in dogs, and a similar number are made in cats each year.1 Additionally, Idexx’s team of global pathologists review over 1 million suspected cancer case submissions annually.

Each cancer case is complex and can be overwhelming, especially considering the stress on both the patient and the pet owner. Idexx creates clarity for veterinarians through the extended menu of cancer diagnostics and pathology services and by connecting them with medical experts that can provide guidance on managing cancer cases. Idexx’s expanded offering facilitates more efficient case management and patient care for general practitioners and oncology specialists.

Idexx Laboratories, Inc. is a member of the S&P 500 Index and is a leader in pet healthcare innovation, offering diagnostic and software products and services that deliver solutions and insights to practicing veterinarians around the world.


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