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Ortiv-Q3 Research India Enters Joint Venture with Swis based SOTAX Group

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Ortiv-Q3 Reseach (Ortiv) and the SOTAX Group (SOTAX) are pleased to announce their collaboration to further enhance their capabilities in the field of Pharma Services. Ortiv through this joint venture strengthens its position to grow and perform over average and gains access to the global commercial network of SOTAX. Through an investment into the equity of Ortiv, SOTAX not only strengthens its reach to a major geographic area but also gains access to new technical capabilities and resources that are built-up within Ortiv.

Ortiv Research India

sotax - pharmaceutical testing solutions

sotax – pharmaceutical testing solutions

Ortiv Research India16 June 2021: New premises of 10.000 sqft (around 1.000 m2), will be set up in the forthcoming months in Ahmedabad, India, a brand-new, state-of-the-art infrastructure including modern workspace and set of latest instruments to perform cGMP analytical services with a clear focus on complex dosage forms characterization and proof of concept for
formulations. The new infrastructure will facilitate accelerating complex formulation development program of global
clients and shall work with a high throughput to perform excellent services to our customers.

“We are convinced that this collaboration will boost the success of Ortiv and will lift the Company to the next level. We
see huge potential in the field of Pharma Services especially in the field of complex products in India and with the
investment of SOTAX into our company, we are convinced that this will be a success story in the forthcoming years.”
highlighted Pawan Gupta, Mukesh Kumar and Sadhana Gupta co-founders of Ortiv.

“With this alliance, SOTAX continues to strengthen its leading position as a complete solution provider in the global
market and we are convinced that the adopted strategy will be beneficial for all, our customers, Ortiv as well as SOTAX.
We are convinced that this will be a very fruitful collaboration” states Rolf Benz, CEO and President of the Board of
SOTAX Group.

“We are pleased to bring all Ortiv-Q3 employees with their experience and their innovative ideas on board and to further
develop the business of our Pharma Services division in order to continue to offer our customers best-in-class services,
with an extremely high level of expertise and quality” commented Samir Haddouchi, Managing Director of SOTAX
Pharma Services.

Lab Address: D-610/D-710, Signature-2, Business Park,
Sarkhej-Sanand Circle, Off S.G. Highway,
Ahmedabad, GJ 382 210, IN
Contact: +91 9011044300, 9561582206,
website: www.ortiv.in, email: info@ortiv.in

About Ortiv-Q3:

The Ortiv company, founded by enthusiastic and experienced pharma professionals, provides a complete suite of drug
release testing for a variety of dosage forms ranging from simple tablets to complex formulations like microspheres, suspensions, emulsions, nano-dispersions, liposomal and topical formulations. Also, Ortiv provides in-vitro permeation studies for topical and solid orals. The company is equipped with innovative and novel tools like microdialysis and oral formulations permeation evaluation system, which can minimize the risk of bio-failures.

About SOTAX:

The SOTAX Group headquartered in Switzerland is the leading global provider of complete testing solutions for Research
and Development (R&D), Quality Control (QC), and In-Process Control (IPC) departments of the pharmaceutical
industry. SOTAX’s instruments, software, and services are recognized by their customers worldwide as the industry
benchmark for best-in-class solutions. It is also the only analytical services supplier specialized in R&D for dissolution
and release testing. The company is offering a high level of expertise for complex dosage forms testing as well as an
FDA-inspected facility for routine cGMP testing. Its laboratories, located all over the globe, are operating for clients worldwide
ranging from virtual companies to big Pharma including generic.

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