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Syngenta – New Fungicide & Herbicide Products Approved in USA 2021

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Syngenta – New Fungicide & Herbicide Products Approved in USA 2021



1. Ascernity® fungicide from Syngenta registered for use on turf in California

Ascernity® fungicide Syngenta

Ascernity® fungicide Syngenta

GREENSBORO, N.C., USA, April 26, 2021 – Ascernity® fungicide is proven to deliver long-lasting control of diseases like anthracnose, large patch, gray leaf spot and more in warm- and cool-season turf. Initially launched in the U.S. in July 2020, this innovative solution is now registered for use on golf courses in California.

Ascernity combines the advanced SDHI Solatenol® technology (benzovindiflupyr) with difenoconazole, the proven cooling DMI, to bring broad-spectrum disease control into focus.
Ascernity offers superintendents:
• Excellent control of diseases like anthracnose, large patch, summer patch, brown ring patch, gray leaf spot, microdochium patch, dollar spot, and more, plus suppression of rapid blight under a 2(ee) label
• Long-lasting control as the cornerstone of the GreenTrust® 365 Large Patch Assurance Program
• Turf safety with no heat restrictions even in the summer when disease pressure is high.

2. Broad-spectrum Mural® fungicide from Syngenta registered for California ornamental growers.

Mural® fungicide from Syngenta

Mural® fungicide from Syngenta

GREENSBORO, N.C., USA, APRIL 23, 2021 – Mural® fungicide from Syngenta has been registered for use in California, offering greenhouse and nursery growers in the state a powerful new tool to control more than 50 ornamental diseases.

Mural is powered by Solatenol® technology, an advanced generation succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI), and azoxystrobin, a broad-spectrum strobilurin fungicide for control of a wide variety of ornamental diseases. Together, they provide both translaminar and systemic activity as a drench or foliar application.

“The registration of Mural gives California growers access to a broad-spectrum fungicide that helps protect against more than 50 key ornamental foliar, stem and root ornamental diseases from propagation to finish,” said Carson Cashwell, ornamentals market manager at Syngenta. “With two active ingredients, it is a powerful fungicide for greenhouse and nursery growers looking to diversify their rotation programs.”

Mural is labeled to control diseases such as Botrytis, Rhizoctonia, leaf spots, rusts and powdery mildew. With low use rates and the ability to be applied as a spray or drench, it’s a flexible and reliable choice for use in greenhouses, shade and lath houses, and retail nurseries, as well as in outdoor nursery production. It can also be used on vegetable transplants grown for consumers.

As a foliar spray, Mural penetrates the plant leaves and stem and moves systemically in the tissue, protecting areas that may have been missed. As a drench, it moves systemically into the roots and upwards, protecting both existing foliage and new growth.

Mural has also been found to provide observable plant-health benefits, enhancing plant growth and development.

3. Syngenta announces EPA registration of enhanced post-emergence-plus-residual corn herbicide Acuron GT

herbicide Acuron GT

herbicide Acuron GT

GREENSBORO, N.C., USA, MARCH 4, 2021 – Syngenta announced that its new corn herbicide, Acuron® GT, has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for post-emergence use in glyphosate-tolerant corn and will be available for use this season, subject to state approvals.

Acuron GT combines the proven performance of Halex® GT corn herbicide with the active ingredient bicyclopyrone (BIR), which helps Acuron GT provide enhanced post-emergence control of yield-robbing weeds and longer-lasting residual in glyphosate-tolerant corn.

“Acuron GT has performed exceptionally well in field trials, averaging greater than 90% post-emergence control on all weed categories – large-seeded broadleaves and small-seeded broadleaves1,” said Ryan Lins, Syngenta R&D scientist in Minnesota. “In particular, its higher-level control of large-seeded broadleaves such as giant ragweed, morningglory and cocklebur, and pigweed species like Palmer amaranth and waterhemp, really sets Acuron GT apart from all other post-emergence-plus-residual herbicides.”
The powerful combination of four active ingredients and three sites of action in Acuron GT also helps growers manage difficult weeds longer into the season, which helps fully protect yield potential and minimize the weed seed bank for next year’s crop.
“Compared to Halex GT, field trials show Acuron GT provided an 8% increase in residual control of annual grass and small-seeded broadleaf weeds, and a 14% increase in residual control of Palmer amaranth when evaluated 42 to 56 days after treatment2,” says Scott Cully, Syngenta R&D scientist in Illinois. “The fact that Acuron GT may help growers achieve almost 90% control of weeds six to eight weeks after post-emergence application is a true testament to the residual power of bicyclopyrone, the additional unique active ingredient in Acuron GT compared to Halex GT.”

Acuron GT delivers enhanced post-emergence control of yield-robbing weeds and longer-lasting residual that enable it to deliver more bushels per acre than any other post-emergence-plus-residual corn herbicide, including Halex GT. Across 16 head-to-head replicated trials in glyphosate-tolerant corn, Acuron GT outyielded other post-emergence-plus-residual herbicides.

4. Miravis® Duo fungicide from Syngenta approved for use in California

With two powerful active ingredients, Miravis Duo delivers superior disease prevention and control in tree nuts.
Miravis® Duo fungicide from Syngenta

Miravis® Duo fungicide from Syngenta

GREENSBORO, N.C., USA, Feb. 9, 2021 – California tree nut growers have a powerful new tool to protect their crops from the most damaging diseases: Miravis® Duo fungicide. This broad-spectrum fungicide from Syngenta is now registered for use on California tree nuts and delivers protection against blossom blight, brown rot, scab, shot hole, Alternaria leaf spot and other diseases that affect California growers.

“Miravis Duo is a powerful, preventive product that combines Adepidyn technology and difenoconazole fungicide for persistent control of a broad spectrum of tree nut diseases,” says Raj Iragavarapu, commercial product lead for fungicides at Syngenta. “It’s perfect for permanent crop growers, who know the health of their trees matters not just this year but for years to come.”

The active ingredients in Miravis Duo offer durable disease protection for tree nuts and stone fruit and enhance resistance management by employing different FRAC groups. Difenoconazole, a fungicide in FRAC Group 3, is a foundational triazole with proven, trustworthy control of some of the most difficult-to-treat diseases. ADEPIDYN® technology, a FRAC Group 7 fungicide, moves through the waxy layer of leaf tissue and creates a reservoir, making it consistently persistent and providing excellent duration of control.

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