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AMVAC, BASF collaborate to develop Rhizo-Flo soybean inoculant solution

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Rhizo-Flo soybean inoculant solution

Summary :

AMVAC® and BASF have announced a partnership to create Rhizo-Flo® granular soybean inoculant, which will be a welcome addition to the SIMPAS-applied SolutionsTM portfolio.

Rhizo-Flo is a revolutionary soybean inoculant that delivers large quantities of viable and effective Bradyrhizobium cells, resulting in increased yields. When the Bradyrhizobium sp. inoculant is used, the Bradyrhizobium sp. grows and penetrates the root system of the soybean plant, forming nodules that allow the soybean plant to fix nitrogen. Rhizo-Flo inoculant is another crucial tool that growers have available to attain yield goals and improve bottom line results as they attempt to push soybeans to higher yields.

 Rhizo-Flo soybean inoculant solution

Rhizo-Flo soybean inoculant solution

Rhizo-Flo would be added to a growing portfolio of SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS), which are solutions that are administered prescriptively with patented SmartCartridge® container technology and the SIMPAS® application system to solve specific agronomic demands. Insecticides, nematicides, fungicides, micronutrients, and soil health and fertiliser efficiency solutions are all part of the SaS offering. (For additional information about SIMPAS-applied Solutions, see the section below.)

“AMVAC is thrilled to work with BASF to create Rhizo-Flo as a SIMPAS-applied Solution that can be used with the SIMPAS system,” stated Jim Lappin, AMVAC’s Director of SIMPAS Portfolio and Alliances. “SIMPAS allows growers to administer exactly what is prescribed, exactly where it is needed.”

Benefits of Rhizo-Flo® Soybean Granular Inoculant

  • To guarantee maximum levels of N2-fixation
  • Maximized yield potential, increased seed protein content and improved crop uniformity

SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS) are products prescriptively applied with patented SmartCartridge® container technology to address unique agronomic needs. With SmartCartridge, farmers can apply precise rates of crop inputs that their trusted advisor prescribes, by management zone. Multiple SaS products including insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, micronutrients, and solutions for soil health and fertilizer efficiency are delivered simultaneously in-furrow during planting using SIMPAS equipment available through Trimble® dealers.
The SaS product portfolio includes AZTEC® HC SmartCartridge Insecticide, COUNTER® 20G SmartCartridge Insecticide / Nematicide, Force® 10G HL SmartCartridge Insecticide, ZINC Micronutrient SmartCartridge, MicroSync® IronClad IDC™ micronutrient, iNvigorate® Biological, and Envita™ Biological.

SIMPAS-applied Solutions will transform the way you treat management zones and pressure areas, letting you choose from a wide variety of broadly licensed products to maximize your crop’s yield potential:

  • Nematicides
    The majority of nematode issues occur in hotspots rather than across the whole field. Prescriptive application enables efficient and precise treatment of these hotspots. Focus the nematicide where you get the most benefit.
  • Fungicides
    Early-season outbreaks of pathogens can cause a reduction in yield potential, but in-furrow application of fungicides fights those stressors. It is difficult to predict when you will experience either cold, wet conditions or warm, wet conditions at or immediately after planting, but the areas that tend to develop disease pressures first are low lying areas where water can pond or heavy soils where water retention is higher. SIMPAS-applied Solutions can be applied prescriptively to low lying and/or high yielding areas to combat soilborne diseases.
  • Micronutrients
    Application of micronutrients at planting ensures the plant develops to its full potential. Micronutrient needs vary across a field; SIMPAS-applied Solutions can be applied at exactly the rate you need, where you need it.
  • Insecticides
    Traits aren’t performing as well they used to—ensure you have the protection you need by applying a soil-applied insecticide. Some pests are difficult to predict, and most at-plant insecticides are applied preventively. SIMPAS has the flexibility to enable you to make either whole field applications or to select specific zones to treat.
  • Plant Growth Regulators
    In-furrow application of PGRs at planting promotes vigorous root growth and early emergence to get the crop off to a good start.
  • Biostimulants
    Many biostimulants don’t fit seed treatment applications because of volume requirements, shelf-life stability or incompatibility with other components on the seed. SIMPAS-applied Solutions provide accurate placement of biostimulants in-furrow. In addition, the SIMPAS closed delivery system ensures better inventory management.
  • Nitrogen Management
    Increase the plant’s ability to fix and utilize nitrogen in multiple crops with an in-furrow application. In the future, the SIMPAS-applied Solutions portfolio will include N fixing solutions as well as macro- and micronutrient enhancers.
  • Inoculants
    Apply inoculants in-furrow in the zones in the field where they provide the most benefit. Low lying areas or zones where water has ponded will likely benefit more from inoculants than areas where conditions are optimal.

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