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Comissario (diafenthiuron + bifenthrin): Adama new cotton insecticide approved in Brazil

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Adama has obtained the registration for its newest insecticide: the Comissario (diafenthiuron + bifenthrin). The product was developed especially for the cotton plantations, known for the high incidence of pests and, consequently, applications of numerous products. In addition to cotton, Comissario will act against pests in other crops, such as soybeans, beans, corn, melon, tomato, and wheat.

The product acts in the control of aphids and mites, besides offering support in the fight against caterpillars, bedbugs, whitefly, and thrips. Among its m

ain characteristics, Comissario is also different from the alternatives available in the market for its combination, formed by a set of assets that facilitates its application in the field.

“For the most part, in the states of Mato Grosso, Bahia, and Goiás, cotton cultivation is highly sensitive to organisms such as aphids and mites, as well as the whitefly, which compromises productivity and especially lint quality,” says Fabrício Pacheco, product manager of ADAMA Brazil. “To deal with the issue, Comissario is fundamental because it is composed of a unique and innovative combination of molecules that guarantee additional protection to the plant and potentiate the crop’s productivity”.

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