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UPL launched multisite fungicide Tridium in Argentina

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Tridium (mancozeb + tebuconazole + azoxystrobin)
United Phosphorus Limited


UPL launched

Tridium (mancozeb + tebuconazole + azoxystrobin)

Tridium (mancozeb + tebuconazole + azoxystrobin)

in Argentina, the first fungicide in the country with multi-site technology for wheat and barley, which not only controls diseases and increases yields but also manages resistance. Tridium is a mixture of fungicides of contact action, systemic, preventive and antisporulant.

For many years, producers enjoyed a wide range of fungicides that, with their wide spectrum of control and efficiency, contributed to increase production and improve the quality of food.
Today, however, with the emergence of resistant fungi, the scenario is completely different: Europe is considered the cradle of this problem, with serious problems in wheat; while much closer, in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, production is affected by Asian rust, considered the “Terminator” of fungicides.
Although the situation in Argentina is not as dramatic, yellow spot resistance and Cercospora kikuchii, for example, are becoming more common.
“Unlike other countries, we still have time to stop or delay the impact of this problem,” said phytopathologist Marcelo Carmona, who during the last edition of Expoagro delivered a short talk.
Carmona put the focus on the exclusive use and abuse of fungicides (triazoles, strobilurins, and carboxamides) as one of the main causes of the current problem.
“These are products that work in a single site of action of the fungal cell, that is, they always control the cell in a single structure. So much so that it begins to allow genetic mutations and creates natural mechanisms to overcome the effect of the fungicide,” he explained.
In this regard, the main weapon that the producer has at hand is multisite fungicides, which, with multiple modes of action, are responsible for attacking the fungal cell at the same time and in different enzymatic structures.
“Tridium is a very balanced combination that allows us to get ahead of the problem, achieving resistance management,” said Marcelo Figueira, company fungicide manager for Latin America.

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