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Corteva Agriscience Announces Commercial Launch of Vorceed™ Enlist®(Glyphosate, Glufosinate, 2,4-D choline and FOP)for Corn productsL

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Corteva Agriscience

Corteva Agriscience today announced plans for the commercial launch of Vorceed™ Enlist® corn products. U.S. farmers will access Vorceed Enlist corn technology across Pioneer® seeds, Dairyland Seed® and Brevant® seeds through the exclusive Corteva Horizon Network in areas of high corn rootworm (CRW) pressure in the Corn Belt.

About Vorceed Enlist

Description-Vorceed Enlist corn combines three modes of action for above-ground insect protection and three modes of action for below-ground insect protection – including RNAi technology. It also includes tolerance to four herbicides – glyphosate, glufosinate, 2,4-D choline and FOP – to help improve resistant weed management.

a. Glyphosate

Glyphosate structure

Glyphosate structure

  • DescriptionGlyphosate (IUPAC name: N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine) is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. It is an organophosphorus compound, specifically a phosphonate, which acts by inhibiting the plant enzyme 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase. It is used to kill weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds and grasses that compete with crops. Its herbicidal effectiveness was discovered by Monsanto chemist John E. Franz in 1970. Monsanto brought it to market for agricultural use in 1974 under the trade name Roundup. Monsanto’s last commercially relevant United States patent expired in 2000. Glyphosate is aphosphonic acid resulting from the formal oxidative coupling of the methyl group of methylphosphonic acid with the amino group of glycine. It is one of the most commonly used herbicides worldwide, and the only one to target the enzyme 5-enolpyruvyl-3-shikimate phosphate synthase (EPSPS).
  • IUPAC: 2-(phosphonomethylamino)acetic acid
  • CAS RN:1071-83-6
  • CHEMICAL CLASS :Amino Acid Herbicides (Organophosphorus Herbicides) [1]
  • Mechanism of Action (MOA):Inhibition of EPSP synthase.

b. Glufosinate

Glufosinate structure

Glufosinate structure

  • DescriptionGlufosinate (also known as phosphinothricin and often sold as an ammonium salt) is a naturally occurring broad-spectrum herbicide produced by several species of Streptomyces soil bacteria. Glufosinate (also known as phosphinothricin and often sold as an ammonium salt) is a naturally occurring broad-spectrum herbicide produced by several species of Streptomyces soil bacteria. Glufosinate is a non-selective, contact herbicide, with some systemic action. Plants may also metabolize bialaphos and phosalacine, other naturally occurring herbicides, directly into glufosinate The compound irreversibly inhibits glutamine synthetase, an enzyme necessary for the production of glutamine and for ammonia detoxification, giving it antibacterial, antifungal and herbicidal properties. Application of glufosinate to plants leads to reduced glutamine and elevated ammonia levels in tissues, halting photosynthesis and resulting in plant death.
  • IUPAC: 2-amino-4-[hydroxy(methyl)phosphoryl]butanoic acid
  • CAS RN:51276-47-2
  • CHEMICAL CLASS: Amino Acid Herbicides (Phosphinic Acid) [1]
  • Indication: HERBICIDE
  • Mode of Action -Glufosinate controls weeds by inhibiting glutamine synthetase(herbicide site of action 10), an enzyme involved in the incorporation of ammonium into the amino acid glutamine. Inhibition of this enzyme causes a buildup of phytotoxic ammonia in plants which disrupts cell membranes.

c. 2,4-D choline

2,4-D choline Structure

2,4-D choline Structure

  • Description-2,4-D choline is a quaternary ammonium salt resulting from the reaction of 2,4-D with choline. It is a post-emergence herbicide used for selective control of broadleaf weeds. It has a role as a phenoxy herbicide, a synthetic auxin and an agrochemical. It contains a (2,4-dichlorophenoxy)acetate. 2,4-D is a widely used herbicide that controls broadleaf weeds. It has been used as a pesticide since the 1940s.
  • CAS RN: 94-75-7
  • Indication: HERBICIDE
  • Mode of action2,4-D acts by mimicking the action of the plant growth hormone auxin, which results in uncontrolled growth and eventually death in susceptible plants. It is absorbed through the leaves and is translocated to the meristems of the plant.

Current introductory plans for Vorceed Enlist corn include:

  • 2023: Early access for select farmers through the Corteva Horizon Network
  • Mid-decade: Expected advancement of a broader set of genetic backgrounds, making more maturities available, and expansion to Canada
  • Mid- to late-decade: Vorceed Enlist corn is anticipated to become the lead triple-stack offering from Corteva for CRW acres

About Corteva Agriscience
Corteva, Inc. (NYSE: CTVA) is a publicly traded, global pure-play agriculture company that combines industry-leading innovations, high-touch customer engagement and operational execution to profitably deliver solutions for the world’s most pressing agriculture challenges. Corteva generates advantaged market preference through its unique distribution strategy, together with its balanced and globally diverse mix of seed, crop protection, and digital products and services. With some of the most recognized brands in agriculture and a technology pipeline well positioned to drive growth, the company is committed to maximizing productivity for farmers, while working with stakeholders throughout the food system as it fulfills its promise to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come.

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