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Corteva Agriscience launches Adavelt™ Active(florylpicoxamid) New Fungicide

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Corteva Agriscience

Corteva Agriscience announced the commercial launch of Adavelt™ active, with recent product registrations in three countries – Australia, Canada and South Korea. Adavelt active is a novel fungicide with a new mode of action that protects against a wide range of diseases that can impact crop yields.

About Adavelt™ active

florylpicoxamid Str

Florylpicoxamid Structure

  • Active Ingredient – Florylpicoxamid
  • Description-It is a fungicide introduced by Dow AgroSciences for the control of a wide variety of pathogens such as Septoria spp, Powdery Mildews, Botrytis spp, and others in cereals, vines, fruits, nuts and vegetables. It has a role as an agrochemical and a fungicide.
  • IUPAC:(1S)-2, 2-bis(4- fluorophenyl)-1- methylethyl N- {[3-(acetyloxy)- 4-methoxy-2- pyridyl]carbonyl} -L-alaninate
  • Mechanism of Action (MOA): Complex III or MET III electron transport inhibition, QiI (quinone inside Inhibition)
  • CAS RN:1961312-55-9
  • CHEMICAL CLASS:Fungicides (Picolinamide) [1]
  • Indication: FUNGICIDE
  • Crop:Lentil
  • Target:Anthracnose, Powdery mildew, Botrytis spp, Septoria spp

Scientific Breakthroughs

The idea behind Adavelt™ active began with the discovery of a naturally occurring fungicide found in soil microbes that scientists dubbed UK-2A. From there, Corteva Agriscience set to work making improvements and ultimately bringing to market Inatreq™ active, a naturally derived fungicide for cereal and banana crops. Researchers at Corteva then saw even more potential and turned their attention to designing a product that could expand fungicide options for farmers. The result was Adavelt, a novel fungicide with a broad spectrum and excellent efficacy. Adavelt represents a breakthrough in fungicides that gives farmers more flexibility and outstanding defense against more than 20 diseases in more than 30 crops.

Unique Features of  Adavelt™

  • Broad spectrum -Adavelt™ active (florylpicoxamid) works on more than 30 crops including cereals, vines, fruits and vegetables. It protects both yield and quality of crops by controlling a wide range of fungal pathogens, including Septoria spp, powdery mildews, Botrytis spp, Anthracnose, Alternaria and Monilinia.
  • Preventive and curative-Adavelt prevents fungal spore germination on leaves, stopping diseases from establishing in a field. When used at early stages of disease, Adavelt can be curative, stopping fungal growth so plants can continue healthy development.

  • Brand-new mode of action-Adavelt works on a novel target site in fungal pathogens. Adavelt does not demonstrate any known cross-resistance with other widely used fungicides. This makes Adavelt an effective rotation partner in an Integrated Pest Management strategy and an excellent option to replace existing products that are losing effectiveness due to resistance.

Adavelt™ active is built on the discovery of Inatreq™ active, a natural origin fungicide developed by Corteva with proven effectiveness for many crops. Adavelt active (florylpicoxamid/FRAC Group 21) is the first broad-spectrum picolinamide fungicide for use against ascomycota pathogens in major crops grown worldwide. Adavelt active features a novel target site of action in many crops with no cross-resistance to other modes of action, and it has a strong fit in existing integrated pest management programs as a resistance management tool.

Adavelt™ active offers preventative properties against a wide range of diseases severely impacting yield, along with curative properties when used in the early stages of infection. By adding Adavelt active to disease management programs, farmers can simplify fungal control efforts and reduce resistance risks, while protecting the yield potential and quality of crops, both now and in future seasons.

About Corteva Agriscience
Corteva, Inc. (NYSE: CTVA) is a publicly traded, global pure-play agriculture company that combines industry-leading innovations, high-touch customer engagement and operational execution to profitably deliver solutions for the world’s most pressing agriculture challenges. Corteva generates advantaged market preference through its unique distribution strategy, together with its balanced and globally diverse mix of seed, crop protection, and digital products and services. With some of the most recognized brands in agriculture and a technology pipeline well positioned to drive growth, the company is committed to maximizing productivity for farmers, while working with stakeholders throughout the food system as it fulfills its promise to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come.

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