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Northshore Clinical Labs Becomes Premier Partner of ShowerUp in Chicago

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Northshore Clinical Labs , Premier,  Partner  , ShowerUp, Chicago , Business,  USA , Firm

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Northshore Clinical Labs raised $25,000 in November alone after recently becoming a premier sponsor of ShowerUp in Chicago. The non-profit organization offers those experiencing homelessness an opportunity to shower and access hygiene resources through its mobile stations. There are currently 3 Chicago locations serviced by ShowerUp with more being added.

Northshore Clinical Labs aims to help Shower Up expand its local and nationwide reach with ongoing sponsorship and involvement.

Northshore Clinical Labs is headquartered in Chicago. The company’s well-trained staff has been working on the frontlines since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, administering thousands of COVID-19 tests daily at corporations, schools and colleges, schools and colleges, summer camps, nursing homes, churches, and other Illinois venues. The company is a high-capacity lab with a cutting-edge, robust communication infrastructure in place. This has been instrumental in turning ensuring a quick turnaround in reporting COVID-19 test results.

Northshore Clinical Labs , Premier,  Partner  , ShowerUp, Chicago , Business,  USA , Firm

Northshore Clinical Labs , Premier,  Partner  , ShowerUp, Chicago , Business,  USA , Firm

ShowerUp is a charitable organization founded by a husband-wife pair who had prior experience working with the unhoused community. They noticed at least some opportunities for the unsheltered to find food, clothing, and shelter, but limited ones to gain access to a shower and other hygiene needs, including shower kits, socks, and underwear. ShowerUp’s mobile shower units emerged from their desire to meet this critical need. Since launching in Nashville in 2016, ShowerUp has expanded to Huntsville, AL, Wichita, KS and, in September of 2021, Chicago. Northshore Clinical Labs is delighted to be a premier sponsor to ShowerUp to inspire and instill hope in those in transition who have fallen on hard times.

This initial sponsorship of ShowerUp is only the beginning of what Northshore Clinical Labs hopes will be a longstanding relationship between the two entities. Northshore’s CEO Omar Hussain was quoted saying, “Chicago is my home, giving back to the community that I grew up in is very important to me. What ShowerUp has built is truly incredible, the moment I found out about the initiative, I knew we had to be involved. Beyond Chicago, Northshore is looking to partner with ShowerUp on a national level as they add more mobile stations. It’s humbling to be a part of it”

As a non-profit, ShowerUp runs exclusively from donations. Volunteers support the organization’s on-the-ground efforts, including operating the mobile units, signing up and checking in those taking showers, maintenance, inventory management, and the allocation of shower kits and hygienic products.



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