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Univoq (Corteva) – Inatreq™ Active Fenpicoxamid (Picolinamide Class) with Prothioconazole Approved in Serbia

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Univoq (Corteva) – Inatreq™ Active Fenpicoxamid (Picolinamide Class) with Prothioconazole Approved in Serbia

BELGRADE, Serbia – December 7, 2021 – Corteva Agriscience announced today that Serbia has approved the registration of a product with Inatreq™ active.

  • Inatreq™ active (Fenpicoxamid) is the first member of a new class of cereal fungicides, the picolinamides. Inatreq is a Quinone Inside Inhibitor (QiI), expected FRAC MoA group C4 #21 (will be assigned in 2016/17).It inhibits mitochondrial respiration in fungi by blocking electron transfer in the respiratory.



  • Univoq is broad-spectrum fungicide containing Fenpicoxamid, more commonly known as Inatreq active, and prothioconazole. 

Univoq® fungicide with Inatreq active, now approved for sale and use in Serbia, is a new fungicide that offers exceptional curative and protectant control on all Septoria strains, supporting a long-term sustainable fungicide strategy on farms. It uses the patented iQ-4 formulation which deliver improved performance and empowers Univoq fungicide to stick to and spread across the leaf.

Univoq fungicide will be available for sale in Serbia in 2022. Inatreq active is already approved for use in cereals in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Republic of Ireland, the UK and Greece, with the registration process continuing across Europe and in other key cereal growing areas.

Univoq™ Fungicide

  • The new and unique solution to flexible and robust cereal disease control.
  • Univoq is a new fungicide for the control of Septoria tritici, brown rust, yellow rust, powdery mildew, Fusarium head blight and tan spot in wheat, durum wheat, rye, triticale, and spelt.
  • Univoq is broad-spectrum fungicide containing Fenpicoxamid, more commonly known as Inatreq active, and prothioconazole. 
  • Inatreq active offers a new and unique site of action for curative and persistent protection against all Septoria strains. Using Corteva’s patented i-Q4 technology, it provides near 100% leaf coverage and is highly flexible in application, delivering robust protection so you can secure your yield and the future of your farm.

Characteristics of Univoq:

Inatreq active is a new site of action for broad spectrum disease control in cereals. It offers robust control of Septoria, including isolates resistant to other sites of action. Univoq is an excellent broad-spectrum product as it also offers control of yellow and brown rust, powdery mildew, tan spot, Fusarium head blight and leaf scald. Patented i-Q4 technology brings flexibility to applications by helping compensate for the spray settings you may choose such as lower water volumes, faster forward speeds and the use of low drift nozzles.

Inatreq active offers outstanding biology performance, and its novel target site for Septoria gives farmers a new tool to help manage the disease, as it shows no cross-resistance to existing cereal fungicide chemistries. Farmers also will benefit from its flexible application characteristics and consistent, broad-spectrum performance.

Massimo Amadio, Country Leader, Corteva Agriscience, said: “Corteva Agriscience is recognized as having one of the brightest innovation pipelines in the industry, and this development will provide Serbian farmers with another tool to help control Septoria, the biggest disease affecting wheat yields.

“Resulting from the work of Corteva Agriscience researchers, this new fungicide will meet the challenges of sustainable management while also providing farmers with innovative solutions to help them better protect their crops.”

Corteva Agriscience Serbia Regulatory Manager Ivana Denić said: “This is the first new cereal fungicide from our pipeline and a clear signal of our intention to deliver the best chemistry to our customers, helping farms to deliver their goals of being profitable and sustainable for the future.

“Thanks to the natural origin of Inatreq active, we are also helping to meet consumer demands for more sustainably produced food1, alongside other innovations.”

Univoq fungicide provides long term protection against disease, helping cereal crops maintain healthy green leaves to increase yield.


  1. Corteva Agriscience Inatreq™ Active Approved in Serbia 
  2. Corteva new fungicide Fenpicoxamid under the brand name Inatreq gets set for UK fungicide market 

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