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Verde Resources and Rice Tech Nebraska are collaborating to produce carbon-based soil amendment mixes.

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Verde Resources partners with Rice Tech Nebraska to develop carbon based soil amendment blends

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Verde Resources Inc. is a company that specialises in natural resources (OTCQB: VRDR) Verde Renewables, Inc, a fully owned subsidiary of Verde Resources, has announced a merger and acquisition (M&A) with Rice Tech LLC of Nebraska. As part of the collaboration, regenerative soil mixes with activated biochar for carbon farming will be developed.

Biochar is a carbonised, solid form of recycled biomass created through the pyrolysis process, and when combined with organic compost in topsoil application, it is a significant component in regenerative agriculture. While eliminating carbon from the atmosphere, biochar creates a micronutrient environment that improves soil health and crop productivity.

Verde Resources partners with Rice Tech Nebraska to develop carbon based soil amendment blends

Verde Resources partners with Rice Tech Nebraska to develop carbon based soil amendment blends

Rice Tech LLC is situated in Nebraska, near Lincoln. Benjamin Rice, the company’s creator, is just 26 years old and has been studying soil and natural composting processes since the age of 14. He has built, operated, and owned a number of composting facilities, including Nebraska’s biggest food waste composting facility. He has helped farms all throughout the Midwest boost soil fertility and increase microbial diversity by using compost into their soil fertility programmes. His motivation is in line with Verde’s aim of Going Green and Beyond, which entails distributing high-quality compost and carbon-rich soil amendments to farmers all over the world to help regenerate the soil while also mitigating climate change. The knowledge gained from Rice Tech will help Verde expand its offering of soil mixes.

“Rice Tech is looking forward to operating under Verde’s umbrella to create real change in soil, climate, and food production.” expressed Benjamin Rice.

“With an experienced team, we are really excited about what the future holds, and we are going to advocate how important it is to reevaluate and change our approach to farming. For growers that want to produce healthy nutrient dense food, they will need healthy plants. To get healthy plants we need healthy soil. And if we fix the soil, we fix the planet. Nothing we are doing is a new idea. Biochar, compost, and plant enzymes have been used for thousands of years and their benefits are well known. The difference now is, we have the technology and data to refine these products and produce them to the scale needed to match today’s high production farms. With traditional soil health products and practices, it can take decades to see improvement. Verde’s products will activate biological life in the soil in year one, immediately reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers. Our products will continue to build soil carbon and fertility year after year, while allowing farmers to maintain high yields and substantially reducing the required synthetic fertilizers and chemical inputs for their crops. With carbon credit income opportunities, along with the reduction in input costs, will be the fastest way for our customers to increase their profitability. With this approach, we can inspire a new generation of farmers to work with the soil and not destroy it.”

With growing trends in agriculture for carbon sequestration solutions, enthusiasm over the announcement of the M&A between Verde Renewables and Rice Tech, was expressed by Gary Zimmer, who’s known as the “father” of biological agriculture, and an internationally known author, speaker, and consultant.

“I have been in the Biological farming field for over 40 years, and today’s agriculture is focused on regeneration of the land and carbon sequestration. By combining minerals with a carbon source, we can make the farm more efficient and resilient, leading to improved soil health and a catalyst for the carbon building process.” said Gary Zimmer, who also is the founder of Midwestern BioAg.
“Using compost as the base, and then adding the right amount of biochar and minerals, we can create regenerative compost that tailors to specific farming needs, which can absolutely replace commercial fertilizers. This is the future, and the project in La Belle is just the beginning. I’m pleased to be a part of the Verde project as we race towards Net Zero by 2050.”
Government incentives such as carbon credits are now available for farmers and farmland owners who can produce carbon sequestering results from carbon farming practices. Carbon credits are exchangeable towards the measured amount of carbon captured from the atmosphere.

“With Benjamin Rice and Gary Zimmer, we can immediately provide regenerative carbon farming solutions for dairy and agricultural farmland across the Midwest and beyond. This is a significant milestone for Verde’s goal of reducing global carbon emissions, in line with the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) goal laid out in The Paris Agreement.” said Carl Craven, Director of Verde Resources, Inc.

Verde Resources has large ambitions towards shaping farming community best practices and principles. The partnership with Rice Tech brings Verde’s vision one step closer to ‘Going Green & Beyond’.

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