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Piramal Pharma Solutions strengthens North American capabilities

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Piramal , Pharmanews , Biopharmaceutical, Company, North America

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Piramal Enterprises’ Pharma Solutions business, a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), announced that the company has added development/commercial scale roller compaction technology to its Sellersville, Pennsylvania drug product facility.

The addition of the Gerteis Macro-pactor equipment, which is designed to handle both development and commercial-scale roller compaction, enhances the site’s dry granulation and scale-up capabilities. Market data indicates that more than 20 per cent of the new chemical entities being developed use roller compaction technology in their development and/or commercialisation.

 Piramal  , Pharmanews ,  Biopharmaceutical,  Company,  North America

Piramal Pharma Solutions strengthens North American capabilities

In addition, roller compaction is an excellent technology for processing certain active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The densification of dry blended powders is a critical capability that is required to handle products with poor API flow properties and instances where the API is moisture sensitive. Wet granulation is sometimes used to overcome these challenges, but many APIs are not amenable to wet granulation. In such cases, roller compaction provides a viable option to densify material and generate granules that can be further processed into capsules or tablets.

The Gerteis Macro-pactor is a versatile piece of equipment, with the ability to handle 100-300 gram batches for small scale development as well as larger volumes when used in continuous mode. Based on customer feedback and acceptance, it is recognised as an excellent solution for both small scale development requiring roller compaction technology and larger-scale clinical and commercial batches as the compounds move forward in the development cycle.

Priamal Pharma

The Piramal Group is an Indian multinational diversified global business conglomerate, that has presence across various sectors such as healthcare, life sciences, drug discovery, healthcare information management, financial services and real estate.

Piramal Imaging entered into a Strategic Partnership and Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Ci-Co Healthcare for Commercialization of florbetaben F18.

European Union’s CHMP recommends EU approval of Piramal Imaging’s radiopharmaceutical NeuraCeq (florbetaben 18F).

In December 2020, the group announced that Piramal Glass was to sell its entire stake of 536,331,880 shares (56.45%) in Piramal Glass Ceylon for ₹5.16 billion.

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