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Tesis Biosciences Acquires Genome Explorations to Accelerate Clinical Research and Product Development for Chronic Disease Cures

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Tesis Bioscience


Tesis Biosciences, the leader in targeted genetic sequencing, has acquired Genome Explorations, a premier research institution providing global genomic profiling and molecular diagnostics services.

The acquisition, which aligns with Tesis Biosciences’ increased focus on clinical research and product development, will allow Tesis to expedite the completion of a therapeutic clinical initiative that could result in a proprietary product reaching the market in early 2022, pending authorization.

Tesis Bioscience

Genome Explorations serves academic centers, pharmaceutical and biotech industry, oncologists, and pathologists with innovative diagnostic, prognostic, predictive, and personalized testing. Its highly trained existing clinical and research staff, which focuses on global genomic profiling and molecular diagnostics services, will complement, and augment the internal Tesis research staff in accelerating development of proprietary products that will transform how chronic diseases are treated.

“We have a number of proprietary clinical initiatives this acquisition allows us to complete by integrating Genome Explorations’ ongoing research data with Tesis,” said Tesis CEO Ron King. By enabling clinicians to individualize treatment for people with cancer and other chronic diseases, we can improve the quality of life for millions of Americans and revolutionize medicine.”

Six in 10 U.S. adults have at least one chronic disease – such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease or diabetes – while four in 10 have at least two chronic conditions.

With its genetically integrated medical platform for targeted genetic sequencing and comprehensive genetic data collection, Tesis Biosciences is fueling breakthroughs in chronic disease management. The company currently operates labs in ArizonaColorado and Texas.

“Merging our genomic research staff and clinical facilities with Tesis Biosciences will accelerate the discovery of genetically based treatments for managing and preventing chronic diseases,” said Dr. Divyen Patel, founder and president of Genome Explorations. “This collaboration will result in better outcomes and improved lives for our patients.”

About Tesis Biosciences
Tesis Biosciences’ genetically integrated medical platform has revolutionized targeted genetic sequencing. Our mission is to change medicine by providing physicians, hospitals, and researchers with the tools to help patients treat and overcome major chronic conditions such as heart and lung disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s through advanced genetic testing. Tesis offers healthcare providers and physicians access to our unique genetic testing and precision medicine, enabling them to create personalized care plans for treating chronic diseases – individually and across generations. We also enable medical device companies and pharmaceuticals to bring new products to market and to create a robust repository of genetic data and research.

About Genome Explorations Inc
Genome Explorations Inc. was founded by Dr. Divyen H. Patel to provide academic and industrial institutes with a comprehensive solution for genotyping and gene expression profiling. Dr. Patel initiated and ran the Affymetrix GeneChip processing core at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The findings from one of the many studies conducted through his core was described in a seminal study on the cover of Cancer Cell. The study showed for the first time that microarray technology could be used to enhance diagnosis of pediatric leukemia and could also be used to evaluate prognostic outcome. The extensive experience gained through working with scores of investigators on many varying projects has made Genome Explorations Inc. a leading source for Affymetrix services for investigators worldwide for the past six years. Genome Explorations is also a licensed Combimatrix microarray service provider. Genome Explorations has worked with over 250 academic investigators and over 75 companies to provide gene expression and genotyping services.


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