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In Brazil, Ascenza’s multisite fungicide has been licenced for minor crops.

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Cuprital 700, a protective multisite fungicide/bactericide, has been approved for use in fruits and vegetables, as well as large crops, by the company Ascenza Brasil, which is owned by the Portuguese group Rovensa.

According to agronomist Patrícia Cesarino, from the marketing and development department at Ascenza Brasil, the keyword for the Cuprital 700 is to be “multi”. “We highlight its multisite action, attacking different points of fungi from the most varied cultures. Still, it can be applied in different ways such as aerial or terrestrial. That is multi-advantageous,” she reported.


In Brazil, Ascenza’s multisite fungicide has been licenced for minor crops.

About Cuprital 700

Copper Oxychloride

Structure of Copper Oxychloride

  • Active Ingredient – Copper Oxychloride (=1196.8 g/l) Equivalent to Copper Metal 700 g/L
  • IUPAC: copper; dichlorocopper; hexahydrate
  • CAS RN:1332-40-7
  • PRODUCT CLASS  : Fungicide and Bactericide
  • Favored for – tomatoes, potatoes, peanuts, mangoes, onions, papayas, and grapes.
  • The concentration of copper oxychloride is 1,196.8 g/L, equivalent to 700 g/L of metallic copper, making it the fungicide in this line with the highest mineral concentration in Brazil in a liquid formulation, which greatly facilitates operations in the field. This results in a lower dose and often lower cost per hectare, benefiting the producer in handling, dosing, and packaging disposal.
  • It can also be applied in mixtures with site-specific fungicides.

The Concentrated Suspension (SC) for which the product was developed, facilitates its dilution at the time of application, even in smaller volumes, maintaining the essential characteristics of copper, thus delivering more efficiency and practicality when preparing the mixture and application. In addition, the copper particles, around 1.5 microns, are very small in size, which provides a better quality of sheet surface coverage and, therefore, a better protective effect.
Another novelty is that Cuprital has received the IBD seal (Biodynamic Institute for Rural Development). “This is a certification that producers of organic crops can also use,” the Ascenza professional said in conclusion.

About Ascenza

The origin of Sapec dates back to 1926 with the establishment of the first industrial facility in Portugal (Setúbal), which is still in operation nowadays. Sapec initiated its activity with fertilizers development, through the exploitation of Lousal pyrite mine located in the south of Portugal.   Over the years Sapec Agro Business specialized its agro portfolio, being nowadays responsible for two main business areas: Crop Protection (phytosanitary products) and Crop Nutrition (phytonutrient products), represented by 5 companies present in the 5 continents.   The continuous investment in specialized human capital, new units, regulatory area, R&D and technology, along with a synergic combination of both businesses, position Sapec Agro Business as an international player in the agricultural market.  In January 2017, Sapec Agro Business was acquired by Bridgepoint, an international equity fund. This step supports and reinforces the growth and the expansion strategy of the company in the following years.

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